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The way I formed my opinion was a little bit different because at first I thought  that the internet was not killing the newspaper but then I did some looking and searching and talked to other people and asked what they thought about the internet killing the newspaper.  I listened to their opinions and their reasons for those opinions and slowly started to change mine. At first I didn’t think that the internet was killing the newspaper because I do read the news online and never gave it a second thought, but when I started reading and talking to people showed me a side that I didn’t even think of.  Now I think that the internet is killing the newspaper because everyone is getting their news off the internet and its free.

My target audience anyone who reads the news whether or not they get it for free or pay for it. I think that all people no…

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 My opinion on this topic is that the internet is killing the newspaper.  People are getting lazy and do not want to go and buy a newspaper so they just go on to the internet and look up the news.  I do understand that by doing this they may save a few dollars and these days that is very important but I think that people should realise that they are  only getting a little bit of the news.   What i mean is that when you read the news on the internet you don’t get to see everything that you would if you read a newspaper.  When you read a newspaper you look at articles, read some, and then turn the page until before you know it your at the end of the paper.  Whereas when you read your news on the internet the “front page” is probably as far as you go, click a few links and…

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It’s not the internet that’s killing the newspaper; it’s that newspapers are trying too hard to hold onto a past.  

The internet is not killing the newspaper the newspapers have just missed its just to change. A large number of different industries have taken the chance and changed to become more electronic and go with the internet where as the newspapers avoided this because of fear of change. The newspaper its self will struggle to stay alive but the contents of the newspaper will not.  

A newspaper is based on the stories that are told, the journalism will never die although the print may. Society is interested in what the journalist has to say but why should they buy a big bulk newspaper when the journalist can just post it up on the internet? Many say that Newspapers popularity was beginning to decline majorly before the development of…

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In my opinion the internet isn’t killing newspapers, but newspapers need to take make more use of the internet. Things are changing and newspapers need to take advantage of all the opportunities there are to be able to expand and grow. The form that the news is in doesn’t matter; it’s whether or not the journalism is reliable. Buying a hard copy newspaper isn’t convenient, people would rather to be able to Google the latest news or download it rather than going and buying a huge piece of paper. 

San Francisco could be the first major American city not to have a local newspaper because hardly anyone buys it. The mayor, Gavin Newsom, says if the newspaper were to go down “People under 30 won’t even notice”. That isn’t the only newspaper that is not doing well, more newspapers are starting to go under due to the internet. 

Younger audiences don’t go and buy…

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Has the internet made the news more or less reliable? If you go onto the internet and Google a question these days you will usually get a heap of different answers and it’s hard to tell which is the right or correct answer. So then people just pick one and go with it and then will argue that it’s a fact when they know it might not be the right answer. Therefore the internet has made some news less reliable but in saying that it is a whole lot easier to access some information and news but the problem is you just don’t know wether or not you’re always going to get the right or an accurate answer. Also with the internet anyone can post something rather the news being carefully chosen by an organisation therefore anyone can post anything whenever they want which can leak out some news that…

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Does is matter who reports the news? No it doesn’t matter who reports the news, as long as the news gets reported and it get reported fairly, that’s what matters. but that the problem, reporting the news fairly seems harder to do then to stop the war in Iraq. Reporters these days find nothing more difficult than not putting personal opinion into their reports, which just ends up leaving people uninformed, which leaves us unsafe from all the things we have not been told, leaving you, your family, your friends all unaware and unsafe. Whose fault is this you ask? Well obviously is the governments fault! they are complicating everything way to much so there are so many sides and views to look at it from that the news media reporters can’t possibly reports everything about a story, so they have to be one sided and choose a side to…

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It is quite clear that the internet is killing the newspaper. We have seen that multiple newspapers have shut down because less people are buying newspapers. This is because the internet is quicker and at their fingertips. The internet is also free, whereas newspapers aren’t. Although many newspaper companies have online websites for the news, they still cost money to see the news.

In today’s society every teenager and young adult has facebook, therefore has the internet. No Teenager would be seen carrying around a newspaper but always have their phones. The technological advance has come in fast and has been adopted fast by the younger generations. After some time we can see the internet will be the only way to get news because all newspapers will be out of business in the near future.


 46% of people say they get there news fix from the internet at least 3…

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Advantages of the internet news: Assignment Notes
Internet news can be reliable because more people are commenting on it or editing it and correcting it.  Another plus side of internet news is that most people don’t have an agenda, they aren’t being told to report one side of the story or make someone else’s option look wrong.  Unlike most American news reporters they don’t have a script to go by or a fear of being fired if they show there option.  Also most internet opinions are well informed because they have a lot of information they can access like other sites and videos about it, also the information isn’t reported live and doesn’t have too be approved by editors. Also when looking at info on the internet you can look at lots more videos some edited and some raw footage.

The Disadvantages of internet news.
A lot of the information…

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